This website serves as an archive of the activities of the Vibrations/VIBE project, a collaboration between VibraFusionLab (London, Ontario), Together! 2012 CIC (East London, UK), and the Participatory Media cluster of Milieux: Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology, Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec). The project brought Deaf and disabled artists and their communities from Montreal and East London together to co-produce a suite of new digital artworks and experimental prototypes that explore our sensorial relationship to the world through «vibrational» tactility, including the skin, and the body as a resonant chamber.

The collaboration began in 2016 and culminated in two simultaneous art exhibitions, a workshop series, and an international symposium in 2018.

Also included on this website is a series of interviews from the VIBE symposium, and DIY instructions for creating your own vibrotactile devices.

A special issue of the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, Vol. 10 No. 2 (2021): VIBE: Challenging Ableism and Audism Through the Arts, arising from the VIBE international symposium is freely accessible.