Vibrafy Workshop:

In this workshop our UK collaborators, Ju Golsing and Julie Newman, joined us in Montreal to create vibrational art objects that could translate sound into sensory and tactile vibrations. Part of our goal was to use reclaimed and recycled materials from Concordia University’s Centre for Creative Reuse (CUCCR) to demonstrate how artists can create accessible vibrating artwork using a sustainable and inexpensive model. Several participants throughout the day joined us to lend a hand and experience their own sound files in a completely new way. By wiring electronic sound files through our vibrating transducers and placing them into objects, we were able to distinguish how the resonances of voice, instrument, and nature are felt and understood by our bodies.

By then end of the day, we created three vibrational objects: a vest, an orb, and a cushion, which were all crafted from CUCCR materials. These objects will serve as artifacts of the workshop, and will be on display during the upcoming VIBE Symposium.

People dancing together in a dance studio

Inclusive Dance Workshop:

Led by professional dancer Menka Nagrani, this inclusive workshop was a kinaesthetic exploration of collaborative movement. Beginning with imaginative posing and movement exercises and progressing to paired “call and response” improvisation, the many participants of this workshop were given a crash course on how to move with music and each other. One of the unique features of this workshop was the accompaniment of a live violinist, who was able to set the tone and rhythm of each new prompt on the spot. Towards the end, we were called to work as an entire group in the creation of choreography and poses that evoked an overall emotion or composition.

Although it was clear the participants’ prior experience in dance ran the full gamut, the air was filled with a playful tone that made everyone feel comfortable enough to jump right in. With openness and a generous spirit, we formed a sense of collaborative camaraderie in this dance studio.

Deep Listening and Slow Theatre Workshop

Facilitated by Ash McAskill and Kathy Kennedy

Poster announcing the workshop

Tactile sound workshop

As part of the Together! 2017 Disability Film Festival in December, Together! 2012 CIC organized a two-day tactile sound workshop for emerging Disabled filmmakers on 7 & 8 December 2017. The workshop was led by Together! 2012 CIC Chair Julie Newman, who heads the Together! 2012 Photographers & Filmmakers Club.

On 7 December, the workshop covered the physics of sound, drawing on vintage children’s books and films. Participants also experimented with a wide range of sound sources and microphones, learning about the relationships between vibration, frequency and amplification. You can watch a video of excerpts from the workshop on this page.

On 8 December, participants headed to Julie’s studio on the banks of the Thames, an old wooden ship’s wheelhouse. Julie had connected the wheelhouse to transducers to turn it into a giant vibrating speaker, sponsored by her studio complex Trinity Buoy Wharf. Participants experimented with sound sources again here, using the studio itself to amplify them.

Vibrations workshop

In July 2017, David Bobier of the Vibrafusion Lab in London Ontario visited London UK and delivered a Vibrations workshop at Vicarage Lane Community Centre in Stratford. David demonstrated his wearable sound jackets and cushion, and gave a presentation about his work at the Vibrafusion Lab and the development of his research into tactile sound. The workshop was joined by members of the local Parkinsons Society group, who as people experiencing tremors were particularly engaged by David’s explanation that all of the body’s organs are constantly vibrating.

On 12 March 2018, David Bobier of the Vibrafusion Lab in London Ontario re-visited London UK and delivered a second Vibrations workshop at Vicarage Lane Community Centre in Stratford. David also delivered a workshop directly to the children and young people of the Living Films Club at Richard House children’s hospice in Beckton on 10 March. Both workshops were recorded by the participants and the videos can be seen here. Thanks to Shaan Ali, Dawn Barber, Dwain Bryan, Jo-anne Cox, Ian Hassell, Julie Newman, Paizah Malek, Tony Malone, Calvin and Maureen Muteesa and Sameer Naeem.